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My goal is to enable reliable communication in natural language between machines and humans. Recent research directions include: (1) Text generation: How do we ensure that the generated text are not just coherent, but also factually correct? Beyond factuality, how do we generate novel, creative text in a controllable way? (2) Robust language understanding: Statistical machine learning systems suffer from spurious correlations in the data, resulting in biased prediction and catastrophic errors. How can we learn models that are robust to dataset biases? (3) Dialogue systems: Building an effective dialogue agent requires understanding in a broad sense, e.g., how to reason about structured knowledge and learn efficient strategies for a specific task?

Prospective students: I'm always looking for motivated students. If you are a prospective PhD student, please apply to either the PhD program in Computer Science or PhD program in Data Science and mention my name in your application. If you are an undergraduate or MS student at NYU and have taken ML/NLP courses, please drop me an email with your CV and transcript. If you are interested in a short-term internship for at least 6 months, please send me your CV and transcript.

PhD students

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